Security Seals for Aircraft

Airlines use security seals for aircraft tamper evident labels to instantly add a new level of security. These security seals for aircraft give a clear visual indication of tampering without affecting the surfaces applied to.
These tamper evident security seals are used to help ensure that any items placed onto aircraft have been cleared by the relevant security personnel, and once cleared, that where possible, they are sealed to make sure that they cannot be tampered with before, during and post flight.

Non residue labels from Tampertech are applied to aircraft doors after the cleaning crew have finished and before the cabin crew re-enter the aircraft to act as a security seal for the aircraft. The labels can be printed with sequential numbers and bar codes as well as logos to ensure traceability.

We provide tamper evident solutions for:

sealing baggage | sealing airport doors | sealing aircraft doors | sealing duty free bars

Permanent tamper evident labels are used to seal the cargo manifest wallets and documents helping create a safer environment for people and goods across US borders.

With flexibility in the size, color and message, airlines and the supply chain are able to identify their own labels easily.