Sea Container Tamper Evident Seals

Sea container tamper evident seals help maintain container integrity by protecting against the insertion of unauthorised material and/or people and the removal of the cargo from pilferage and theft.

This high tack permanent can be applied to a sea container to act as an indicator that container integrity has either been maintained or breached.

This label is an ideal solution for situations where a standard tamper evident bolt seal cannot be applied. When removed this label will show an OPENED/VOID warning message.

These labels also VOID when slit with a knife.

The receipt function tabs are also tamper evident and can be used within for Bill of Lading or shipment for easy monitoring and can be overprinted with sequential numbers, bar codes for quick scanning, specific text messages and can be written on with a biro.

The individual details on the labels ensure they can not be copied and used inappropriately.

These sea container tamper evident seals can be applied to ocean containers, truck trailers, air freight cargo containers as well as drums and barrels.

Label options:
• Overprinting message available
• Red as stock, any color on larger orders

Label dimensions:
• 9cm x 32cm with two receipt tabs 9cm x 2.5cm each