Security Tapes - Tamper Evident & Anti-Counterfeit

Security Tapes - Tamper Evident & Anti-Counterfeit

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HSA Security offers a comprehensive range of stock & customized security Tapes in variety of packaging forms. Our security tapes are suitable for numerous application surfaces including Paper Envelopes, Metal, Plastic Boxes, Wooden Boxes and other corrugated surfaces.

APPLICATIONS by industry


Airlines use security tapes for cargo containers, tapes will have a void message upon removing leaving a clear indication if the container has been opened or not.


Banks use security tapes for transporting confidential documents and valuables.


Embassies use security tapes in storing and transporting sensitive and confidential documents and items. These security tapes will help prevent tampering and theft.

Courier / Logistics

Both with residue and non residue tapes used to secure post, files, parcels, boxes and containers.


Pallet security tapes are design with the pallet banding or strapping in mind be it poly or metal. This security label leaves a message on the pallet upon tampering.

Sea Containers

Container tapes leaves a VIOD message on the surface or on the tape itself once removed and used to protect the cargo from tampering and theft during transport.

security tape features

  • Translucent white security message when lifted.
  • Self wound polypropylene material with high tack adhesive backing.
  • Sequentially numbered where number remains on application surface when tape is removed
  • Supplied in rolls 164 ft long, 2 in. wide on a 3 inch diameter core.
  • Perforated for application as individual seals
  • Customized security message and face design in any language.
  • Various colors available for customized orders.
  • Suitable for use with a standard packaging tape dispenser.

Customization Options