Security Labels for Laptops

Protecting your business from piracy and protecting your privacy with security labels for laptops.
Computer security is a huge issues for businesses today these simple non residue tamper evident security labels for laptops from HSA Security can make a real difference to the IT security of a firm.

Simply apply the non residue security label to the computer; laptop, notebook or any other electronic item at reception, or security, to cover USB ports and disc drives without damaging the surface of the item.

Protecting company information against unauthorized data exchange and the introduction of viruses into the network.

This non residue tamper evident label has a receipt tab which can be overprinted with numbers or bar codes which match the main label which increase track back facility, the label also has permanent cut in it for added tamper evidence.

These tamper evident security seals are also used on computer cabinets, CD and DVD cases as they can be applied to a number of surfaces; metal, plastic, painted and veneers.