Security Gift Voucher

Regain lost revenue and prevent un-invited guests with our proven anti-counterfeit solutions for tickets, gift vouchers, wristbands and invitation cards. Our solutions are designed as per the risk & scale of an event, especially taking into account quick checks at security gates without the use of detection tools and at the same time prevent counterfeiting. Our tickets have been successfully used at events as diverse as Rugby league matches, Football events, F1, music concerts, VVIP private events and more.

HSA Security specialises in
secure design of tickets &
vouchers based on the category
of event, brands involved & security
risk level. Our anticounterfeit
vouchers & tickets
solutions are well thought of
and highly unique to each client
including the use of special
security papers and use of
technologies that make it very
easy for retail or event staff to
instantly verify its authenticity
without the use of any special
detection device.

-Music Concerts
-Sporting Matches
-Formula 1
-Trade Shows
-Air Shows
-VIP Functions & Events
-Gift Vouchers
-Discount Vouchers
-Store Vouchers and more


-Security Paper: 60-160 gsm, watermark, visible and invisible fibers
-Security Dye Paper: 60-80 gsm, white surface (red, blue yellow, green internal paper)

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