Security Bags with out handles (Medium)

Uses the Tebco™ DC security seal to provide a tamper evident closure. Ideal for documents and valuables

-Securely transport your documents or cash in our range of security bags through Small or medium sized bags. The large one is Heavy duty bag for
parcels and bulky items.
-Manufactured from durable supported PVC
-Carry Handles are full length for extra strength. Re-inforced base

SIZES -460 mm W x 420 mm H x 175 mm G
COLORS -Bag Color: Green, Red, Blue, Tebco™ DC Security Seal: White, Red & Yellow
PACKAGING -For custom projects, the manufacturing and delivery time is approximately 3 – 4 weeks
CUSTOMIZATION -Customization extends to, Dimensions, Colors, Features (ie additional windows, reinforced base, padding protection). Screen printing
BRAND -Australia
MATERIAL -Tough PVC with 12mm protective padding