Locking Hand Gun Bag (Small)

Protect yourself and your family against misuse of your firearm. Exclusive locking, lightweight and portable hand gun bag. Less expensive and more flexible than traditional gun cases. Padded foam liner. Cushions contents in handling. Safeguards against scratches and nicks.

-Locking device – Arcolock 7
-Padded foam liner
-2 Keys included
-Requires key to open and close lock

SIZES -Small: 355 mm x 215 mm
COLORS -Bag Color: Black
PACKAGING -For custom projects, the manufacturing and delivery time is approximately 3-4 weeks
CUSTOMIZATION -Customization extends to, Dimensions, Colours, Embroidery, Keyed alike system, Master keyed system
BRAND -Australia
MATERIAL -Cordura® Plus

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