Clear Satchels (S2S3)

This clear satchel is suitable for cash, valuables and document transfer and can be tracked and traced. Tear off receipt with unique number and bar code

-Coextruded Clear LDPE with temperature sensitive tamper tape closure
-tamper evident side seals
-writeable address panel
-80 micron (UM)Tamper evident side skirt
-Microprint. Writeable address panel

SIZES -S2S3:380mmW + 20mmLip + 25 mm tear off receipt x 470mmL
COLORS -Black / white
PACKAGING -For custom projects, the manufacturing and delivery time is approximately 3-4 weeks
CUSTOMIZATION -Customisation extends to Dimensions, Colours, Bar coding, Print, tar punch
BRAND -Australia
MATERIAL -Coextruded opaque VPC with temperature sensitive tape closure

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