Cash and Valuables in Transit

Tamper evident tapes and labels from Tampertech provide an added security solution to your Cash and Valuables in Transit.
The security labels demonstrate your commitment to the security and safety of your staff, through highlighting if the Cash and Valuables in Transit (CVIT) have been tampered with.

The security labels and tapes also offer key business benefits including reducing your exposure to uninsured cash losses. The tamper evident tapes and labels also save time and therefore money in the transporting, storing and sorting of cash and other valuables as the tape gives clear visual evidence if it has been tampered with.

CVIT companies play a vital role in replenishing and protecting cash supplies for the business world and the wider community, keeping the economy running. Tamper evidence security tapes, labels and bags are an integral part of this sector.

Due to the nature CVIT, unfortunately crime is a real challenge. As the manufacture we are able to include the latest technology in our labels to deliver the maximum innovative security solution available in a tamper evident label, tape or security bag today.