Bulk Note and Coin Satchel (transparent)

High security tamper evident single use coin and cash bag; Large format barcode and sequential number (easy to read and view via security camera); Skirt weld and microprint; Adhesive seal on closure will provide tamper evidence of peeling, application of heat, cold and solvents Reinforced carry handle; Writable panel to record note and coin contents Bulk Note and Coin Safe 2 Send security satchel (transparent)

-Tamper evident side skirt
-Microprint, Writeable address panel

SIZES -270mm W x 400mm H +80mm handle
COLORS -Black / white
PACKAGING -For custom projects, the manufacturing and delivery time is approximately 3-4 weeks
CUSTOMIZATION -Customisation extends to Dimensions, Colours, Bar coding, Print, tar punch
BRAND -Australia
MATERIAL -Coextruded opaque VPC with temperature sensitive tape closure. ; manufactured to ISO 9001: 2008 certification (print & conversion of polythene bags for use in secure mailing and banking industries);