Anti-Counterfeit Letterhead

Certificates and secured documents are very susceptible to fraud, due to thier importance in proving someone’s identity and/or qualifications.

All kinds of business, institusions and government departments choose our anti-counterfeit solutions to reduce the increasing threat of document fraud. Moreover, it ensure the integrity of all the awards, certificates and documents issued, therefore directly benefiting issuer’s reputation.

Our anti-counterfeit document solutions are uniquely tailored for every client, with designs that are never re-used and can also be optionally integrated with our customiszed web-based verification system hosted securely in client’s servers.

-Security Paper: 60-160 gsm, watermark, visible and invisible fibers
-Security Dye Paper: 60-80 gsm, white surface (red, blue yellow, green internal paper)
-Anti-Photocopy Paper: 60-200 gsm, copy texts appear when photocopied


More than 50+ ultra high security features with near-impossible to copy QR-Codes. Please get in touch for bespoke solution and design.

-Degree Certificates
-Government Certificates
-Land Title Deeds
-Warrantly Certificate
-Contract and Legal Documents
-Bank Drafts
-Stocks & Bonds Certificates
-Medical Prescriptions
-Paper Licenses
-Immigration Forms & Visa Paper

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