Anti-Conuterfeit Certificate

Certificates and secured documents are very susceptible to fraud, due to thier importance in proving someone’s identity and/or qualifications.

Our 100% turnkey security
document solutions are
unmatched with our in-house
expertise of security designing,
digital verification solutions
and choice of more than three
dozen security features in multiple
security paper grams from
INTERGRAF certified partners.
Our skilled solution architects
create solutions unique to
each client, also aesthetically
syncs with our client’s branding
& reputation.


More than 50+ ultra high security features with near-impossible to copy QR-Codes. Please get in touch for bespoke solution and design.

-Security Paper: 60-160 gsm, watermark, visible and invisible fibers
-Security Dye Paper: 60-80 gsm, white surface (red, blue yellow, green internal paper)
-Anti-Photocopy Paper: 60-200 gsm, copy texts appear when photocopied

-Degree Certificates
-Government Certificates
-Land Title Deeds
-Warrantly Certificate
-Contract and Legal Documents
-Bank Drafts
-Stocks & Bonds Certificates
-Medical Prescriptions
-Paper Licenses
-Immigration Forms & Visa Paper

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