Drug & Explosive Testing Kits

Our product line offers the latest scientific advances in easy-to-use, rugged and durable packaging. Our testing kits can be used in extreme temperature conditions and have along with shelf life. Our innovative CUSPER casing comes with four different sampler types providing complete solutions for various needs anywhere and anytime. Our patented technology does not require the user to have direct physical contact with suspect substances and the sampler is protected from any possible contamination.

Introducing the CUSPER – a revolutionary advancement in the field of drug and explosive screening and identification.
The CUSPER test kit provides the perfect alternative to tests that are outdated, dangerous, complicated and complex tests. The CUSPER offers a major breakthrough: IDenta’s patented casing technology combined with advanced chemistry creating the most reliable and accurate test kits on the market.

Cusper Features

Rugged plastic casing

Self-contained, closed system

4 different samplers (probes) available

The sampler is protected from any possible contamination

Tests substances, traces, all size surfaces, people and liquids

Long shelf life; no storage restriction

Operates in extreme temperatures

Fits in your pocket

Cusper Safety

Safe to use - no direct contact with the substance or chemicals

Safe to dispose - built-in neutralizing

Maximum protection from accidental breakage

The adhesive surface of the sampler takes the exact amount of substance needed from any surface

How it works?


IDenta’s Explosive Detection and Identification products offer a true breakthrough in field tests for explosive substances or trace residues. Safe, very easy-to-use, rugged and nonsensitive to extreme temperatures, the kits detect 99% of the explosives on the FBI Threat List and provides immediate, clear results when coming into contact with specific explosive substances. When used in combination with the AeroChamber, the user has the option of testing large areas, large surfaces, vehicles, luggage or persons, obtaining immediate, crucial results like never before.


These Drug Detection and Identification test kits offer breakthrough innovations long-awaited by the forensic market. Until recently, only difficult to use and hard to understand test kits with many constraints and limitations were available. IDenta’s kits make the tasks faced by parents, educators, employers and law enforcement officers easier, faster, far safer and more cost-effective than any similar kit available.

HSA Drugs & Explosive Testing Solutions