In times of COVID-19, citizens are facing scrutiny and in some cases rejection of entry at the immigration checkpoints in destination countries due to fake or abysmal proof of COVID vaccination certificates that do not satisfy the customs officials of its authenticity. This issue has greatly affected the travel industry.

HSA Security Solutions is introducing the most secure COVID vaccination label that can be trusted by stakeholders. Issuers, citizens, and verification personnel. 

A Revolutionary Solution


Vaccination Certificate merging both material and information security


Anti-copy feature on the super QR code for instant authentication


Full supply chain traceability and reconciliation and cancellation of certificate


Special Mobile apps to support “COMMON” needs of various Enforcement Agencies

Business Intelligence

Enforcement Officers activity reports by department by state and district

Public Engagement

Mobile apps to enable Public Engagement and show their vaccination details

How it Works?


Label Design

High-security anti-counterfeit technologies to provide multi-level protection

Certificate Distribution

Customize computer shipping system for monitoring certificate distribution


Authentication Platform and promotional functions

Vaccination Certificate Security Features

Instant Authentication with Super QR

  • Consists of hundreds of thousands of tiny random dots in every mark.
  • Proprietary algorithms detect very small changes which are hardly noticeable by naked eyes.
  • Unique in the market and had more than 18 patents.
  • Faking Super QR is near to impossible.

How Instant Authentication Works?

Scanning Super QR

Original Certificate

Fake Certificate

Verified Technology

The technologies used in the CertiEye app have been verified by BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION to ensure the stability of the application and avoid any mistakes of the scan.