Anti-Counterfeit Labels

As industry leaders of premium security labels and tape solution providers to world leading airlines, luxury brands, FMCG manufacturers and government agencies, our solutions are highly customised to a client’s application needs. We design anti-counterfeit & tamper evident security labels & tapes incorporating digital verification, high security overt & covert technologies, custom VOID messages at sub-surface level in various label materials of any
size and packaging needs.

The market value of counterfeit goods is more than US$ 600 Billion worldwide. The most common pirated goods are vehicle spare parts, pharmaceutical goods, degrees, beverages, sporting merchandise, electronic consumables, visas and more.


1. Hot Stamped Hologram

Highly secure silver/gold hologram with both visible and hidden features. Few microns of foil depth are bonded into the paper or label to prevent removal or transferring.

2. Security Serial & PIN Numbering

Alpha numeric serial and PIN numbering using various styles and patterns that makes it hard to duplicate at mass level.

3. Heat Sensitive Ink

The clearly visible text/image will disappear when rubbed on with finger. Commonly used on bank cheques.

4. QR Code Encrypted /Standard

Machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares, typically used for storing URLs or other information for reading by a smartphone app. Encrypted QR Codes require special software to decode information stored inside.

5. Optically Variable Colour Changing Ink

OCI changes from one colour to another when slightly tilted. OCI Inks cannot be scanned or copied by any high definition scanners, copiers and printers.

6. Scratch-Off Foil

Alphanumeric or text data can be hidden under a scratch-off foil and ink for verification purposes. This foil can easily be scratched off using a coin or finger nail.

7. Barcode

Optical machine-readable representation of data relating to the object to which it is attached.

8. Guilloche Design

An intricate design printed on bank notes, currency or certificates, etc., to protect against forged copies.


PHED: peeled off layer by layer when removed

Breakable PVC / Egg Shell Material: non-transferable, pulverized when removed

VOID: leaves a VOID message on the surface of application when removed


Mirror Coat Label: glossy, waterproof label

High Tack Labels: extra sticky, highly water resistant

Dual Layer Label: a message will be revealed after peeling

Direct Thermal: ribbon less printing

Thermal Transfer: printed with ribbon