Retail Security Solutions

Retail industries use both tamper evident and anti-counterfeit solutions to prevent issues such as internal theft and counterfeiting.

Security tapes are used to seal boxes or containers during transportation from your warehouse to the stores. These tapes are with unique serial number which transfers to the surface and almost impossible to remove for tracking and protection purposes.

Retail industries also use reusable sealable security cash bags for storing/transporting end of day cash and other valuable items to prevent abuse of company’s property. Moreover, these bags can also be used for transporting and packing products for events or exhibitions to avoid theft or any products loss.

Additionally, since counterfeiting is a huge enterprise worldwide retail industries must protect their products from copying. We provide a proven anti-counterfeit labeling solution that is available for practically every application. These labels will protect your products from being copied or duplicated. Moreover, we also provide anti-copy vouchers and wristbands that can be used for any exhibitions or any marketing ploys.