High Value Transportation Security Solutions

High value transportation use tampers evident solutions to keep the integrity and safety intact, as well as prevents theft and tampering. Like security seals, that is used to closed trucks, containers, canvas bags etc. These seals can only be opened by breaking thus showing a clear indication of tampering.

Our turnkey tamper-evident security solutions are suitable for protecting and preventing any tampering or theft of any valuable good during transportations. Such as high value reusable bags are used to transport high value goods as well as one-time use security bag for international transfer of watches, diamonds, and jewelry.

Moreover, security tapes are also being used by high value transportation, for sealing carton boxes, pallets, containers, etc. These security tapes are uniquely serialized that fully transfer in the surface as an added security and traceability. As well as non-residue labels that can be used in any surface that is sensitive and cannot have mark in.