Anti-Counterfeit Voucher

Anti-Counterfeit Voucher

With a selection of more than fifty anti-counterfeit features, a dozen type of security papers, customizable web based verification system and in-house design team, our voucher solutions meet all budget requirement and are almost fool proof.


1.      Hot Stamped Hologram

Highly secure silver/gold hologram with both visible and hidden features. Few microns of foil depth are bonded into the paper or label to prevent removal or transferring.

2.      Guilloche Design

An intricate design printed on bank notes, currency or certificates, etc., to protect against forged copies.

3.      Invisible UV Ink    (Blue, Green, Red, Yellow)

            The text will only be visible when it is viewed under the UV light.

4.      Black to Red Ultra-Violet Ink

The logo and/or text will change from black to red color whenever viewed under a UV light source.

5.      Security Serial & PIN Numbering

Alpha numeric serial and PIN numbering using various styles and patterns that makes it hard to duplicate at mass level.

6.      QR Code Encrypted /Standard

Machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares, typically used for storing URLs or other information for reading by a smartphone app. Encrypted QR Codes require special software to decode information stored inside.


Gold Pigment                               

A gold pigment ink is a translucent golden ink used on applications where a designed must not be obscured yet be visible, commonly used on currencies.

Security Dye Paper

A different coloured paper that is sandwich inside that only appears when tore.

Security Paper with UV Fibbers

This watermark is not printed but is embedded in the paper fibber making it very difficult to replicate. Randomly placed invisible UV fibbers allow easy identification of authentic  paper.

Heat Sensitive Ink

The clearly visible text/image will disappear when rubbed on with finger. Commonly used on bank cheques.

Optically Variable Colour Changing Ink

OCI changes from one colour to another when slightly tilted.  OCI Inks cannot be scanned or copied by any high definition scanners, copiers and printers.

Scratch-Off Foil

Alphanumeric or text data can be hidden under a scratch-off foil and ink for verification purposes. This foil can easily be scratched off using a coin or finger nail.


Material Types


Security Paper: 60-160 gsm, watermark, visible and invisible fibers.

Security Dye Paper: 60-80 gsm, white surface (red, blue yellow, green internal paper)

Applications Trade Shows; VIP Functions; Events; Gift Vouchers; Discount Vouchers; Store Vouchers and more.