Anti-Counterfeit Certificates & Documents

Anti-Counterfeit Certificates & Documents
Certificates and secured documents are very susceptible to fraud, due to their importance in proving someone's identity and/or qualifications.
All kinds of businesses, institutions and government departments choose our anti-counterfeit solutions to reduce the increasing threat of document fraud. Moreover, it ensures the integrity of all the awards, certificates and documents issued, therefore directly benefiting issuers’ reputation.
Our anti-counterfeit document solutions are uniquely tailored for every client, with designs that are never re-used and can also be optionally integrated with our customized web-based verification system hosted securely in clients' servers.


1.        Hot Stamped Hologram

Highly secure silver/gold hologram with both visible and hidden features. Few microns of foil depth is bonded into the paper or label to prevent removal or transferring.

2.        Black to Red Ultra-Violet Ink

The logo and/or text will change from black to red color whenever viewed under a UV light source.

3.        Guilloche Design

An intricate design printed on bank notes, currency or certificates, etc., to protect against forged copies.

4.        Heat Sensitive Ink

The clearly visible text/image will disappear when rubbed on with finger. Commonly used on bank cheques.

5.        Security Paper with UV Fibbers

This watermark is not printed but is embedded in the paper fibber making it very difficult to replicate. Randomly placed invisible UV fibbers allow easy identification of authentic ticket or voucher paper.

6.        Invisible UV Ink (Blue, Green, Red, Yellow)

The text will only be visible when it is viewed under the UV light.                            

7.        Foiling

These low security coloured foils are commonly used on certificates for aesthetics. When hot stamped, these foils cannot be removed or transferred. 

8.        Embossed Logo

Embossed logo and text on any documents or labels.

9.        QR Code Encrypted /Standard

Machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares, typically used for storing URLs or other information for reading by a smartphone app. Encrypted QR Codes require special software to decode information stored inside.

10.     Security Serial & PIN Numbering

Alpha numeric serial and PIN numbering using various styles and patterns that makes it hard to duplicate at mass level.


Water Sensitive Ink

The faded text/image will be clearly visible when a drop of water is applied and fades back to its original faded state when dry.


This patented 3D micro technology is  0.0045µm² (Laser etched) in size, can be embedded onto paper, labels, metal & plastic surfaces for high security applications.


Highly secure hidden security feature, a minute font size that can only be viewed under a magnifying glass.


Security Paper Types

  • Security Paper: 60-160 gsm, watermark, visible and invisible fibers.
  • Security Dye Paper: 60-80 gsm, white surface (red, blue yellow, green internal paper)
  • Anti-Photocopy Paper: 60-200 gsm, copy texts appear when photocopied



Applications Degree Certificates; Transcripts; Government Certificates; Land Title Deeds; Warranty Certificates; Contract and Legal Documents; Cheques; Bank Drafts;Stocks & Bonds Certificates; Medical Prescriptions; Paper Licenses;Immigration Forms & Visa Papers